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Schoop Schoop Ooh Wee!

The sound of a punch or kick making perfect contact is a particularly satisfying one. It leaves you with the same feeling that the crack of a white cue ball does as it smashes through a triangle of coloured balls and is followed … Continue reading

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Punches and Parties

Friday night was another night dedicated to punching. It was my second Kobra Fight night and the day before the team has spent time getting flyers distributed, posters printed, sound systems blaring and trophies out on show. The Kobra truck … Continue reading

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Unusual rash stops play

This morning’s training had me focus on trying to use my knees and elbows on O’Neil, who is about 3 times my size. I had little success. Sadly I had to take this afternoon’s session off to visit a doctor. … Continue reading

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Extra large pair

That was the headline on BBC World News. Today. As a BBC editor it was often tempting to put boobs on the front page of in order to increase traffic. As it happens, in my time there the team … Continue reading

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What I’ve learnt today:

1. I’ve found out what’s been causing my rash. It’s an allergy to the pads I’ve been kicking. A great fighter, I make…. 2. The bird that’s been waking me up each morning isn’t a bird. It’s a gekko.

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One week down

So I’ve been here a full week now. And I’ve definitely noticed some changes. I’m relaxed for a start. Today (Sunday) for instance has been a busy day. I had a wander along the beach this am. I was accompanied … Continue reading

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Fight Night

Thursday night was fight night at kobra gym. There were some sore heads the following morning. And arms and legs and sides. 5 of the fighters from Kobra  (4 of whom were nak muay farang or foreign fighters) took on … Continue reading

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