Unusual rash stops play

kobra team
This morning’s training had me focus on trying to use my knees and elbows on O’Neil, who is about 3 times my size. I had little success.

Sadly I had to take this afternoon’s session off to visit a doctor.

As I don’t think I’ve ever been to a country where I haven’t had to take in the local emergency clinic, this was bound to happen one way or another. Yet this isn’t due to an elbow to the face, a spinning kick to the head or a sweep to the floor or even my more usual cashew consumption.

Nice rash

I may have been a little rash

This training hiatus has inelegantly been caused by a horrible rash which just won’t go away and is beginning to make training frustratingly uncomfortable.

In the meantime till I get back on my fighting feet again, below are some pics of what I should be getting up to and some bunnies (thanks to CJ) for those less interested in the training regime.

jan _tyre

Jan stays on his tyre

Leo and Oneil

Leo encourages O'Neil in his push-ups

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