Street Art: The writing is on the wall

During my last month in Cape Town I was lucky enough to get a commission that involved touring the city taking shots of great artworks. I love it when a plan comes together.

While Cape Town and some of the surrounding areas are known for the iconic artworks that pop up in some of the more run-down areas, artists are finding it harder and harder to paint since the council has passed a by law forcing all street art to be approved before it takes place.

As a taster here are a couple of snaps of works by two of my favourite street artists; Faith47 and her supremely talented husband DALeast.

All Shall Be Equal Before the Law

All Shall Be Equal Before the Law

Stag Do

Stag Do

The street art curator has some info on both Faith and Dal.

Here is also a link to my published photos.


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4 Responses to Street Art: The writing is on the wall

  1. andBerlin says:

    I think the two featured here are the best shots. Did the BBC not want to use them?

    • littlegh0st says:

      Hi andBerlin. Glad you like the pics. It wasn’t the BBC that didn’t want to use them but I didn’t want to pigeon hole these two with a tribute purely to what is going on in Cape Town as their work spans more media than street and more cities than just Cape Town. I agree these guys are great though. I like the stuff you’ve captured in your blog too and hats off to you for your new start in Berlin. Good luck!

      • andBerlin says:

        That makes a lot more sense! Just this morning I got an e-mail from Vandalog about a Faith47 installation in Stockholm and I remember reading about a combined show in Australia and pieces in the Outback. Thanks for checking out my blog and for the compliment.

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