Two week’s in


Like Hamlet, we might be kings of infinite space, were it not that we… get so easily distracted by stuff.

So it’s now been two weeks since I declared my intention.

In the intervening two weeks a lot has changed. And it’s snowed. A fair bit. So maybe I’m just a fair weather runner, but I can’t say my trainers have seen much action.

But I have been doing a fair bit of Muay Thai training (3-4 times a week). Opting to go for suppleness, flexibility and strength over speed.

What I’ve learned this week;

In intervening years since I first started martial arts training my mind, more than my body has become weak. As ever, it’s the focus and motivation that’s the biggest challenge. There’s a girl I train with these days who used to weigh 23 stone. She’s now fitter than me and a great inspiration. If she can do it, I can stick with it.

I can run for longer on a treadmill than I can outside, but it’s dull. And I struggle with dull. So maybe I am a fair weather trainer after all. Though I’ve also made a new play list and am looking forward to the next sunny day.

According to Chip and Dan Heath, when people run out of will-power, they’re not lazy. They’re exhausted. So I’m learning to listen to my body a bit more (well that was my excuse for a visit to the sauna), and not take on too much in on go. All with the aim of keeping on keeping on.

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