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Two week’s in

So it’s now been two weeks since I declared my intention. In the intervening two weeks a lot has changed. And it’s snowed. A fair bit. So maybe I’m just a fair weather runner, but I can’t say my trainers … Continue reading

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Moving from ideas to impact is a long journey

For anyone who’s been looking closely (very closely), the backbone theme to this blog is that of motivation; How we create motivation, how we stay motivated and how we pick it up again when it drops off. In a previous … Continue reading

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All the sixes

The apartheid regime is difficult to get your head round. Its legacies are everywhere, from the statue of Jan Smuts in Company Gardens, to the only second ever performance of Athol Fugard’s blinding ‘Statements after an Arrest under the Immorality … Continue reading

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A big day

Yesterday was a big day. It was the state opening of parliament. 2012 is the ANC’s centenary year. It’s the year of elections (President Zuma, who did his own time at Robben Island for anti-apartheid activity has been in power … Continue reading

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On Driving and Diving

Now that I’ve worked out what the pillars of motivation are, I did what I normally do when presented with rules to follow; I completely ignored them and spent Sunday doing my own thing. I didn’t ‘practice’ or ‘study’ and … Continue reading

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Unusual rash stops play

This morning’s training had me focus on trying to use my knees and elbows on O’Neil, who is about 3 times my size. I had little success. Sadly I had to take this afternoon’s session off to visit a doctor. … Continue reading

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What I’ve learnt today:

1. I’ve found out what’s been causing my rash. It’s an allergy to the pads I’ve been kicking. A great fighter, I make…. 2. The bird that’s been waking me up each morning isn’t a bird. It’s a gekko.

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