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Two week’s in

So it’s now been two weeks since I declared my intention. In the intervening two weeks a lot has changed. And it’s snowed. A fair bit. So maybe I’m just a fair weather runner, but I can’t say my trainers … Continue reading

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Who motivates the motivators?

So the big question is how do we keep going? What keeps us motivated? And I don’t just mean when the chips are down. In some ways, it’s easier to fight and keep going when you’ve got something to fight … Continue reading

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Extra large pair

That was the headline on BBC World News. Today. As a BBC editor it was often tempting to put boobs on the front page of worldservice.com in order to increase traffic. As it happens, in my time there the team … Continue reading

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Fight Night

Thursday night was fight night at kobra gym. There were some sore heads the following morning. And arms and legs and sides. 5 of the fighters from Kobra  (4 of whom were nak muay farang or foreign fighters) took on … Continue reading

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The kobra wakes

I travelled  6000 miles to train… and train I did. I was lucky enough to have my first one to one training with Kob himself. I was eager to get started and whilst the gym is usually closed on Sunday, … Continue reading

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